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What do we actually do and where are we?

We work with proven methods of low to no impact technology utilising lymphatic drainage and infrared.Both of these systems have been used for hundreds of years and put the body into a state of toxin release and repair.

We specialise in women that have tried every diet, the gym, fad options and don't like or feel thats not the right option for them anymore. Our philosophy works on putting your body into a state of REST-REVIVE -THRIVE without starvation, deprivation or exertion.

It can be for women that are injured, dealing with pain, struggling with stress, dealing with menopause or PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid.

Any woman that just wants wellness but would benefit from wellness stabalising weight and centimetre loss.

Let us show you how to "design YOUR perfect' whatever that means to you.

We are located at 4/6 Somerset Ave Narellan NSW

How many times do you need to attend?

Our methods work on visiting us 3x per week for 30-60 minutes (depending on your chosen package)

For these 3 intro sessions you need to come 3x for 30 mins within 7-10 days.

You need to wear gym appropriate clothes and shoes as some treatments involve gentle exercise, designed around your capabilities and goals.

How Will you know what to do?

No need to worry, our coaches do everything for you. We will assist you in and out of machines, program them and advise you what to do. Predominantly you just need to show up.

We will do a consultation to understand your needs and design the right program for you. We will offer nutrition and lifestyle guidance for optimum results.

After your 3 sessions we will do a further assessment to design your future personalised program to get you to your desired health and weight goals.

3 sessions is not a magic pill, just a taste test for you to see how you feel and what results are possible, easier than you thought.


We believe so much in what we do, and want you to as well. So to give you comfort in your commitment- If you DON'T lose at least 10cm in your first 3 sessions we will give you back your money! NO RISK to you at all.

Our clients sing our praises more than we ever could-Julie Shares her story...

One of the many reasons to join

Meet Julie – just like you, she was ready for a change.

As a busy Mum, Grandmother and Carer in her 40s, she'd been on the weight loss rollercoaster, skeptical and tired of unmet promises.

Then came Figure By Design – no gimmicks, just real results with proven, award-winning methods.

Julie was looking for weight loss, but knew she needed and wanted so much more.

With having lived her life on a diet of some kind, being diagnosed with diabetes, feeling exhausted, helpless and fed up, she pushed past her skeptical yet hopeful plunge, and took a chance.

Our environment intrigued and excited her as the GYM wasn't what she wanted.

Our No gym pressure, only low-impact treatments, one-on-one attention, and a vibe like a fitness resort made her feel hopeful

She will now tell you its a haven for real women with real lives


The commitment wasn't a demand but a call to rediscover power. Inch by inch, Julie found strength, not just in her body but in her mindset.

Skepticism gave way to courage, embracing progress over perfection. Julie's journey shouts, "Ladies, it's about real results. No crazy diets, no high-impact workouts. Just proven methods for real women like us."

The weight loss is a great by-product, but the knowledge, health improvements and girls club hangout is the ultimate prize.

Who Is This For?

We are for women who want proven, safe and low impact methods that help the body do what it needs, and enjoy the process


Figure By Design stands out with cutting-edge technologies. Our infrared and lymphatic drainage techniques redefine wellness, weight loss, pain management and stress relief—gentle, effective, and exclusive, unmatched in the market.

We are for the women who want to know that they are not just a number, and that someone highly qualified will guide them on their own journey


We take pride in our unparalleled 60 years of combined experience AND Muti- Awards we have won.

Our seasoned team is dedicated to crafting a wellness sanctuary that goes beyond fitness,

Our caring approach ensures you receive tailored support every step of the way.

We are for the women that want and expect Professionalism & Expertise for their specific needs.


Teaming up with esteemed medical and expert practitioners, Figure By Design ensures holistic wellness. Our alliance enhances your health journey, providing comprehensive, safe, and evidence-based solutions for lasting well-being.

New Year- New Rules!

Everyone in your life has "their"outlet...

This could be yours!


With our combined experience of over 60 years we show women how to "Design Their Own Perfect" – whatever that means to them

In the last 11 years Figure By Design has helped over 25,000 women lose over 30,000kg and twice as many centimetres with out STARVATION - DEPRIVATION - EXERTION

We are highly respected Winners and Finalists in many local and national awards. Our Founder Melissa Daniels has been interviewed by The Sydney Daily Telegraph as one of the Most Influential Wellness Practitioners, as well as being invited to appear as an Expert Guest Speaker.

Melissa is also a respected business, health and wellness coach who's mentoring services have helped countless women excel in their physical, mental and professional lives.

Our methods are safe, proven, gentle and holistic.

We work with infrared and lymphatic drainage techniques.

They involve little or no impact and can be enjoyed by most women.

Its Who You Become

Sometimes it starts off as a skeptical weight loss program, but becomes so much more....

When I first walked through the doors of Figure By Design, I was simply seeking help with weight loss – something socially acceptable to ask for. Little did I know, it would morph into an enchanting journey far beyond shedding pounds.

In the warmth of this sanctuary, weight loss became a mere subplot.

It transformed into a narrative of friendship, where I found companionship that felt like a hug for the soul. Here, my voice echoed, and I felt genuinely heard.

The journey unfolded like a map of self-discovery, revealing not just the physical but the emotional and spiritual dimensions of my being.

Understanding myself, my body, its needs, and those elusive triggers – it was like uncovering hidden chapters of my own story.

In this space, I wasn't merely a client; I was part of a community that radiated love and support. The camaraderie I found was a treasure, turning every session into a rendezvous with cherished friends.

As the inches melted away, so did the layers of uncertainty and self-doubt. Life lessons unfolded in the most unexpected places – a laugh during a workout, a heart-to-heart after a session. It was a safe haven where vulnerability was met with compassion, and every triumph was celebrated.

Figure By Design became more than a wellness studio; it became my refuge, a cocoon of understanding, where I learned more about life, love, and resilience than I ever thought possible. Now, leaving this haven is unthinkable – it's not just a place; it's home.

Testimonials are vast- but its your turn to create YOUR story...

Gail Shares Her Story

This place has a feeling...

Ready for a transformation like never before? This is YOUR year, and we're here to make it extraordinary. Commit now, step into our "Girls Club" experience and witness the benefits of the ultimate blend of weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and stress reduction.

Act fast, and we throw in a BONUS GUARANTEE that in your first 3 introductory sessions you'll lose 10cm between your waist and knees—or your money back!

Don't just make resolutions; join the revolution.

Why wait? It's time to prioritize yourself, and with our supportive community, you'll discover a haven of understanding, friendship, and self-discovery. This is more than a resolution; it's a revolution, and it starts NOW!

New Year, New Rules – YOUR rules.

For $149 try us out- what have you got to lose?

But more importantly- What could you gain...


*Personalised Consultation

*One on One care by a Qualified Coach


*An escape haven

*3 x 30 minute sessions on most appropriate technology

*Increased energy, metabolism, digestion, sleep and feeling of overall wellness


What are you waiting for?

Time is running out- this deal cant last forever...

Secure your spot and make this year about YOU!

LOCATION- We are located at Suite 4/6 Somerset Ave Narellan 2567

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Ph 0246478868